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No shows booked at the moment.

JESSE to play at Sónar Festival Barcelona this year!

Sónar writes:

Whichever musical path you’re on, chances are you might meet Finland’s iconoclastic Jimi Tenor, in the kind of resplendent gown that Joseph would be jealous of. Originally inspired by industrial electronics and techno in the 90s – when he and his band The Shamans fashioned homemade instruments out of recyclable materials – he’s since taken his cult following on the scenic route. From jazz-tinged afro-beat with his groups Kabukabu or teaming up with Tony Allen, to psyched-out soul with Nicole Willis, to eastern bansuri Zen and sub-sonic dub with Academy alum Desto, Jimi has walked his own path, at once mindful and considerate to new and young collaborators, yet with a bittersweet tone all of his own. Here he is joined Finnish hell-raisers and Academy grads Jesse, who have been working with Jimi Tenor since 2012′s Karaoke King, fusing their unique blend of synthesized world disco. Capable of Harley Davidson levels of analogue noise, Jesse’s world of 80s workout videos, sleeveless denim jackets and ZX graphics collides spectacularly with Jimi’s own DIY mentality in a way that will likely prove too much for our familiar reality.

Check more data here!!! See u there!

New JESSE 7″ split release on Harmönia & Haista

A new marvelous seven inch release coming up as soon as we get the records from the pressing plant! Including two great versions of our track Terminator that was previously heard on our III album! Now you get a super slow & funky afro groove of Randy Barracuda’s very own and Stiletti-Ana’s Video Dub version with an insane amount of dubbing.

The 7″ is a very limited release of 200 copies, so be quick and order your copy from here:

And because Harmönia & Haista Records loves you, in the meanwhile you can download a free digital copies of the tracks from here:

Skatebård’s Confirmation Bias with JESSE remix out now

After hearing the wonderful 90′s Detroit influenced huge techno original of Skatebård’s own, we did a nice head knocking and super groovy remix. We recorded it live at our Haista Studio straight to a two track reel to reel machine with flangered live drum solo on top of everything! The original was released with JESSE, Telephones and Chmmr’s Borgerlig Konfirmasjon remixes on UNTZ UNTZ records and you can feel them here:

and grab them from here:



Random Works Of Randy Barracuda Vol II

Dig your self to the latest Randy Barracuda Album!

It is so fresh & heavy that you’ve probably never heard anything like that before. Mixed & Mastered @ JESSE’s Haista Studio by Stiletti-Ana & Randy. Most of the dubbing & some synths were also tracked @ Haista. Get your copy while you still can:

It comes in black & coloured vinyl plus digital format. Also it features Stiletti-Ana’s debut as a guitarist, but Randy forgot to put that in the album credits.

Dubbing & Funking

Have a listen to MUSIC!

It is a new mixtape that we recorded with our favorite records & turntables at our beloved Haista Studio! Dubbing is done by sending the music to effect boxes. We like that.

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JESSE 10 years artistry celebration

Next wednesday we will play 2 hours epic JESSE live show @ Kuudeslinja to celebrate ten years of musical excursions of Keke & Ana. Come to see the Rock of Ages that will blow your brain!

5€ entrance, including drink. Doors open 23pm and showtime 24pm. On the terrace there will be a film screening @ 20pm of the classic jamaican movie Rockers. Record music is provided by New Hi-fi Soundsystem, Palmusaari & Tytti.


Harbinger of Dise is HUUSI DISE!

A genuine Sex Tags Ufo 005 maxi is now available from Hard Wax. It is equipped with Dj Candle In The Wind track Huusi Dise and Kong Oscar track Go.

Folks behind the Great Huusi Dise tune are Vilunki 3000 and Stiletti-Ana from JESSE. Preview yourself and get hooked the new standard for the club sound. It is the HUUSI DISE sound!

buy & preview from Hard Wax: